Acupuncture is a recognised and legitimate form of health care, according to the World Health Organisation. 

The benefits of acupuncture are that it is drug-free pain relief and can be effective in the treatment of acute and chronic ailments as shown in research studies

In 2017 a review of the evidence supporting the efficacy of acupuncture was published, reviewing 122 conditions and evidence of effect was found at various levels for 117 conditions., read more about the finding on the links below.

Acupuncture Evidence Review Paper 2017 . The Acupuncture Evidence Project: Plain English Summary

SO WHAT IS ACUPUNCTURE Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles into specific sites (acupuncture points) on the body, to stimulate the movement of qi and blood through the meridians in the body, relieving symptoms, addressing the source of ill health and restoring balance.

Does that sound a bit confusing, with some concepts that are not very familiar? Lets look at a couple of things then...

What is illness and ill health from a Chinese Medicine Perspective? Illness and health issues, are a result of improper movement of qi (vital energy) and blood through the body, its meridians and organ systems. Improper qi movement is caused by stress, bad diet, disease pathogens, weather and environmental conditions, overwork, and/or other lifestyle factors.

What is Qi? Simply put, it is energy. It is what enlivens every cell in our body. In Chinese Medicine, Qi or the vital energy of the body is of great importance. It nourishes all aspects of the body, circulates the blood, aids communication between the organs and all areas of the body. And it does this via the meridians.

What are Meridians? Although they are invisible to the Western Medical eye, they have been mapped out over thousands of years by Oriental scholars and as our technology develops we are understanding meridian theory more and more.

There are 12 main meridians that correspond and connect to an organ and extend to an extremity. 

Acupuncture points lie along the meridians. There are around 400 acupuncture points and each one has a specific function in assisting the body maintain a balance of all the elements required for health and vitality.

Still don't understand, then check this video out.

Nervous about acupuncture? No need to worry, my acupuncture treatments are aimed to be as comfortable as possible for the patient, with a focus on gentle needling techniques, breathing and relaxation. My treatments are often enjoyable, most patients seem to fall asleep at some stage during the treatment.